Daytona Butterfly Valves

Since the late 1990's Shipham Valves have owned the design and manufacturing rights to the Daytona Butterfly Valves.

Shipham Valves continue to manufacture the Daytona Butterfly Valve range and are able to support & overhaul valves in-service.

Examples of the Daytona Butterfly Valve In-Service 

6Inch Air Extraction Valve, for ‘John Brown Engineering ltd’

Daytona u-section wafer body type, Cast Iron Butterfly valve, through bolted with pneumatic fail-safe actuator.

Maximum Working Pressure – 80 PSI

Maximum Operating Temperature – 520°F

Daytona Part Number – L569/6” 88500-21030

John Brown Part Number – A12285  

250/300mm Shipside Bow Thrust, Hull Valve for the British Royal Navy (Hunt Class Mine Hunters)

Daytona u-section double flanged body type, Gunmetal Butterfly valve, with gearbox operation.

Maximum Working Pressure - 6.4 BAR (93PSI)

Line Temperature – 1°C to 30°C

Line Media – Sea water

Design to Shock Requirements –1100m/s2 All Directions

Relative Permeability – u<1.05

300mm (12Inch)Daytona Part Number – L561, NATO Stock Number – 5442973
250mm (10Inch)Daytona Part Number – L560, NATO Stock Number – 5442974

100mm Air Ventilation Valve for British Royal Navy

Daytona full flanged body type, Aluminium Butterfly valve, 4 bolts with gearbox

Pressure Range – 200mm W.G(VAC)W.T to 690MB

Line Temperature – -10°C to +85°C

Line Media – Air

Design to Shock Requirements –450m/s2 All Directions

Relative Permeability – u<1.05

100mm (4Inch)Daytona Part Number – L568, NATO Stock Number – 5442964

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